We carry wide variety of onyx and marble slabs and tiles with the best quality and over 50 years experience. With the HQ in UAE, we are one of the best  UAE onyx supplier in terms of variety and quality. 

Esmeralda Onyx, Amber Onyx, Golden Gray Onyx, Pink Onyx to name a few in onyx family

In marble category we are proud to carry big quantity of Cream Marble, Gray Marble, Multi color Marble & ...


cream marble



In order to supply the required raw stone for our own manufacturing as well as export purposes, Marmonix owns 6 quarries carrying different kind of marble and onyx. Owning the quarries helps us increase our supply capabilities to meet customers need in any scale  



MORE than Fifty years of experience on our own quarries, factories and close cooperation contracts with important partners, local and different markets nowadays made us run from supplying parts until finishing best products. We believe successful business is often a product of management, honesty and hard work. 

onyx slabs

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